Harrison Isaac

photographer and graphic designer


Hi! I’m Harrison. 

I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and a lifelong distance runner.
I graduated from Purchase College in 2020 with a BFA in Graphic Design
and a minor in Art History. I’ve been taking photos for 8-9 years, and I
discovered artistic expression through exploring architecture and abstracting
found textures and patterns. Composing a photograph clicked for me very
early in life, and studying Graphic Design in College opened my eyes to a
whole other medium and ways to express myself. Putting my thoughts into
words or on paper doesn’t always communicate what I’m thinking, and that
to me is where my artistic satisfaction comes from. I constantly see images
in my head and creating something is the only thing that satisfies this
curiosity. This is where I get my motivation to make work and how I stay
in tune with my emotions. Mental health for me goes hand in hand with art
and expression. I am constantly looking at any and all kinds of work for new
inspiration, whether it be a motion piece or a brand on the side of a truck I
saw while driving. The biggest thing that school taught me is that design is
everywhere, and anything can be designed. I knew I was a slightly different
person when I was noticing levels of green or magenta saturation on everyday
print or looking at ads and thinking how I would have designed it myself.

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