Harrison Isaac

photographer and graphic designer

Hi! I’m Harrison. 

I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and a life long distance runner.
I graduated from Purchase College with a BFA in Graphic Design and
a minor in Art History. I’ve also been taking photos for 8-9 years, and I
discovered artistic expression through exploring architecture and
abstracting found textures and patterns. Composing a photo clicked
for me very early in life, and studying Graphic Design in College opened
my eyes to a whole other medium and ways to express myself. I often
use both practices in my work, whether it be photographing my own
assets for a design project or abstracting a building the way I would
with an Illustrator drawing. Putting my thoughts into words doesn’t
always communicate what I’m thinking, and that to me is where my
artistic input can take over. I constantly see images in my head, and
creating something is the only thing that satisfies this curiosity. This
is where I get my motivation to make work. I am a firm believer that
design is everywhere, and anything can be designed. I love to look at
any and all kinds of work for new inspiration. Whether it be a motion
piece or a brand I saw on the side of a truck, 
I’m always looking at real
world work to consider how I would solve my next project.

Feel free to get in touch with me @ harrisonisaacdesign@gmail.com!

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