My creative process began with photography, much before I decided to go to design school.
For a long time I was very much a photographer trying to learn  graphic design and to find my
place among type enthusiasts and illustrators. My photography mostly focused on brutalist,
concrete buildings and urban planning. I became obessed with highrise facades and planar images
that focused on depth, which led to my discovery of De Stijl and Russian Constructivist Design.
Studying this kind of graphic and typographic design was the first time it felt like my brain as a
photographer and my brain as a designer could work together. I would say with confidence that
my eye as a photographer has strongly influenced the way I design, and helped me find confidence
as well as a greater artistic satisfaction in graphics. Now I approach typography or a brand identity
with a similar thought process that I would use if I were photographing a concrete building.

Design has helped me see that serifs, ascenders and other letterforms are pieces of a puzzle to be solved,
and can be just as architecturally beautiful as a facade of deep set windows.

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