Harrison Isaac

photographer and graphic designer


Hi! I’m Harrison. 

I graduated from Purchase College in 2020 with a BFA in graphic
design and a minor in art history. I have extensive training in all
kinds of photography and graphics. I’ve been trained in photography
classicly in the darkroom first, with an emphasis on printing accuracy
and color profiling. I have experience in still life/production shoots,
sports, location, architecture, portraiture, wedding/bridal etc.
Alternatively I have experience in branding, illustration, social
media and web, motion/video, packaging, and printmaking. 

Basically, I love to work creativley in any way that I can.

I don’t know how I’d express myself without the art I produce.
Photography was the first kind of art that I practiced regularly.
When I was in highschool I was in the city every weekend
walking for hours photographing buildings. I fell in love with
patterns in architecture, the abstract qualities of brutalism and began
exploring my favorite buildings however I could. The experiences
I had gave me some of the strongest emotions I’ve ever felt creating
something, and my wish was that by sharing this work the viewer
could feel at least a fraction of what I felt in that moment. When I
went to design school, I was very much a photographer trying to learn
graphic design. It felt like everybody else knew what they were good
at - type, illustration, motion etc. Finding my own style and niche
took some time, but after studying De Stijl and Russian Constructivist
Design, my photographer brain felt like it could finally work as a designer. 
I would say with confidence that my eye as a photographer has strongly
influenced the way I design, and helped me find confidence as well as a
greater artistic satisfaction in graphics. Work that I make for myself
often  seeks to use depth and geometry the way I use a camera lense to
photograph  a concrete building or a facade of deep set windows. 
Designing packaging and working iteratively on branding become 
a puzzle to solve just the same as finding the right composition for
a photo was. I think of design as graphic problem solving, and studying 
my work process while at school helped develop my identity as a designer.

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